Big and Little

two black cats cuddling

Mimi and Giuseppe cuddle on my desk.

Giuseppe is not so big as Mimi is petite, Giuseppe with a very long body and heavily muscled and Mimi so tiny sometimes I can’t believe how small she is. She weighs a little less than half of his weight, and she is half as long and half as tall, nearly completely half of him. They cuddle together often; Giuseppe loves his Mama Mimi and she enjoys cuddling with her kids and even giving a little touch-up bath.

Here Giuseppe has his head on her arms and at one point he had his arms around her and was holding her as if he was hugging a stuffed toy.

Tell me, could you focus on your work with such distractions? By the end of the day, there was another four-cat cuddle puddle, the only one of the five who was missing was Mewsette, enjoying the bed all to herself.

Perhaps he was dreaming of Mlle. Daisy Emerald Marguerite, his love who lives by the big river in Kingston. He heard that she and her mama had moved to a new apartment, and today he sent her a card. I often notice that Giuseppe spends lots of time with his Mama Mimi when he is longing for his love.


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4 Comments on “Big and Little”

  1. I love this image, as it reminds me so much of my Zoey and her babies. I had read once that if you kept a mother cat and her kittens in the same household, as time goes on, the mother cat will forget that the kittens were hers, and consider them just “another cat” in the house. This is absolutely not the case in my house – there is no doubt that Zoey still considers herself Mama and the kittens respect that very much and look forward to grooming and loving from her. I see that in Mimi and Giuseppe and it warms my heart to know the mother-child bond does exist.

  2. Paulette Smith says:

    Love this photo and it’s story. The more I see and hear about your Giuseppe, the more he reminds me of our Harry Walter.

  3. lemniscate47 says:

    Absolutely Charming!! Such a dear little mummy.. with all her big nippers.. this Big Softie in particular xxx

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