two tortoiseshell cats eating cheesecake filling

Two Naughty Torties Eating Cheesecake Filling

Cookie’s at it in the kitchen again!

I turn my back for a few seconds and what happens? Cookie leads Kelly astray and both of them taste-test the cheesecake filling.

I wouldn’t put this past Cookie, but she had been sleeping upstairs. I noticed she came in the kitchen, blinking sleepily, as I was mixing, but didn’t see her up on the table. Still I wouldn’t put it past her to be awakened by the smell the softening cream cheese and follow it down the stairs.

Kelly, however, is an extremely good girl, and it would simply never occur to her to taste the cheesecake filling unless Cookie had set a bad example.

And the first thing I do is take a photo. They didn’t get the chance to eat much. I use an “island” cabinet in the middle of the kitchen for preparing food and feeding senior kitties, and it’s difficult for anyone to get to without my seeing, but I thought the coast was clear. Never underestimate a determined tortie.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

cat eating a cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookie does enjoy her namesake food, as she shows here with a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookies, still warm from the oven.

I forget these things about her—who would think a cat would like cookies?! Turn my back on her and she’s tasting each one to choose the one she’s going to swipe.

Cookie chose her name from a list of babble from me. When  my neighbor brought her to me I called her “Chocolate” because a tortie at that age really looks mostly brown, and she did have a sweet personality. Because she was small, I called her “Chocolate Chip”.

And what is the next likely iteration of that? One evening while calling her out from under the bed so that I could put her in the spare cat room for the night, I called, “Chocolate! Chocolate Chip! Chocolate Chip Cookie! Cookie! Cookie! come here!”

She immediately came out from under the bed with a very surprised look on her face. “How did you know my name?” It has stayed with her for 18 years, though she has plenty of other names too.

And just for the record, “Cookie” is her everyday name. Her show name is “Semi-sweet Butterscotch Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough”. You know how it is with these royal names.

A Cookie in Every Pot

tortie cat in enamel pot

A Cookie in Every Pot

Cookie continues her series of poses as Domestic Goddess (in addition to being “The Goddess”) by curling up in one of my enamel cooking pots. This time I had no garnish for her; though I would have been glad for a few carrots and stalks of celery, they’d already gone into another pot of soup. I may get some and leave the pot where it is in the hope that she’ll do it again.

This pot being a one-gallon pot, I now know that Cookie’s total volume is just about one gallon of tortoiseshell ingenuity.

tortie cat bathing in pot

Any place is good for a bath.

She is intelligent and self-aware, curious and inventive yet feigns humility, and this habit of crawling into kitchen items has always seemed to be a thinly veiled bid for a photo op. Until recently, she hated having her photo taken, and to my dismay would look away from me at the last minute as I tried to capture her many expressions. Her objection may have only been that she wanted to choose her venue and pose. She’s been very ostentatious about these kitchen poses, pausing to look directly at me, then arranging herself just so.

This is the second in a series, the first being “Cookie in the Pasta Bowl”. My kitchen has no lack of things to get into—safely, of course—the room being very small, and at this time of the year I’m cooking a lot because vegetables are ripe and ready for soups and such. I’ve brought all my extra pots and baskets and mixing bowls out from storage and they are everywhere. But even without all these extra props I’ve found Cookie curled up in the basket with the tomatoes, curled up on my dinner plate while I’m cooking dinner, and curled up next to a rustic loaf of bread on the bread board in imitation of its shape and color.

Cookie in the Pasta Bowl

photo of cat in pasta bowl

Cookie in the Pasta Bowl

Should I dress her with the mellowed fresh tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette?

Only if I want to clean them off the walls.

I set the warm bowl on the counter while I ran outside to get a couple branches of basil to finish off my dinner, maybe ten seconds, and when I returned Cookie was just settling into the bowl as if she’d been in it all day. I tossed the basil in with her and grabbed my camera for a straight-on shot (below) then stepped up on the cats’ food tin for the above shot.

Amazing how cats can fit themselves comfortably into just about anything.

Here’s another view. I couldn’t decide which view I liked best—I love the above view because of the composition, but I also like to see the expression on Cookie’s face.

cat in pasta bowl front view

Cookie in the Pasta Bowl 2