Goodbye to Maple


Remembering Maple, created by Nicole

I just received the news from my friend Carolyn that Maple lost her battle with, most likely, lymphoma.

Maple was a dilute tortie, rescued as a kitten by Carolyn’s daughter Nicole. We will miss our sweet, gentle cousin-kitty, but her image will live on in the many products she modeled for Carolyn’s website and the many photos of her I used in designing ads and brochures for Carolyn’s company, My Three Cats & Co., Inc. Though she was quiet she was very playful and silly, and I loved her very roundness, not fat, but thick plushy gray and peach fur and a rather blunt nose and rounded whisker pads. And she was always very quietly happy.

Nicole designed the lovely tribute, above.

Near the end of Maple’s life, Carolyn contacted a hospice veterinarian to visit Maple at home and make further recommendations for care beyond what Carolyn’s regular veterinarian had offered. I have never used one, but know a veterinarian who offers this service, Dr. Nancy Ruffing of Gentle Journey Veterinary Hospice, and suggested that she call Dr. Ruffing to help with Maple’s care and to be available in the case that Carolyn would need to choose euthanasia. And because Dr. Ruffing deals almost exclusively with end-of-life issues, she may have more pertinent suggestions for Maple’s care and comfort, which she did.

When your cat, or other pet, is struggling with a chronic illness or simply nearing the end of its life, consider the possibility of finding a hospice veterinarian in addition to your regular veterinarian. Managing end-of-life issues yourself, even if you are skilled, can be exhausting physically and mentally, and many veterinarians don’t offer in-home euthanasia. The hospice veterinarian, as with Maple, can help with managing day-to-day care and comfort near the end, and knowing that they can visit your home if euthanasia is necessary can be a great comfort to you to know, and much more comfortable for them when the time comes.

So we will remember our beautiful cousin Maple, and send our good thoughts to Carolyn’s household.


dilute tortoiseshell cat in cat bed

Maple in the Woolies Bed.

Here is Maple a few years ago modeling a Woolies bed; she is now 17. I saw this lovely dilute tortoiseshell kitty tonight, and she seems to be holding her own. We’ll have to see how she does.

She belongs to the owners of My Three Cats & Co., Inc., my longest-standing customer for design and illustration. Over the years she has modeled many a product this company carries, happily trying out new toys and treats. She’s as sweet as she looks. Let’s wish her health and comfort, and her humans too.

Congratulations to the Winner, and to FosterCat!

pastel painting of a cat on a table with peonies

Peaches and Peonies, pastel © B.E. Kazmarski

Congratulations and thank you to Kym Detrick who had the final bid on the print of “Peaches and Peonies” last night at 11:46 p.m.! Because of her generosity, FosterCat will receive $130, and just in time to rescue more adult cats as kittens are arriving in earnest already at shelters.

Donations were also being made to FosterCat through and on Peaches’ BFF Eva’s blog, so Peaches and I can’t wait to see all the generosity people offered through Peaches’ simple request—consider senior pets for adoption, and simply be aware of a few special health conditions, and your senior can live many happy healthy years longer than we’d ever expected them to live before now.

fostercat logo

Thank you to Alexa Howald of FosterCat for guest blogging to tell us about FosterCat and the importance of adopting and caring for senior cats, to Ingrid King of the Conscious Cat for writing an article about health care for senior cats in honor of Peaches’ birthday, to Linda Mohr for congratulating Peaches and telling us about her senior girls, to Marg for telling us about Squeaky and to Eva for being Peaches’ BFF and to her mom Renee for allowing computer privileges so Eva can communicate with Peaches.

Peaches appreciates your interest in and support of senior cats. She enjoyed a wonderful 100th birthday yesterday, gobbling a whole can of salmon pate through the day! I can tell when she gives me her special look, however, that every day is a celebration, and I love her just as much.

The print which Kym will receive is an 11″ x 14″ giclee, the highest quality reproduction method true to color with archival inks, printed on matte-finish archival paper, which I sell for $75.00.

In one way or another, I make donations for animal welfare through every piece of artwork in donating pieces for auctions or through the portraits I create. I also offer other sizes of giclee prints, and have a special offer which includes a donation with for purchase of a full-size print. I sell the print for $150, but $25.00 of that will go directly to a senior pet adoption program of your choice. Please visit Senior Pet Adoption Program on this blog.

For those who are still interested in a print of “Peaches and Peonies”, I offer several options in size and price:

  • The most affordable is an 8″ x 10″ photo print double-matted and framed in an 11″ x 14″ mahogany frame for $45.00 plus shipping. I also offer this as a matted and framed 5″ x 7″ for $25.00, but the image loses detail at that point, though it’s still very beautiful as a small wall piece.
  • I also offer various sizes of digital prints, which are not archival but are still very true to color and clear in detail. An 11″ x 14″ of this print is $25.00, and other sizes are available.

All of these items can be found on my website.

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Eva Offers a Donation in Honor of Peaches’ 100th

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It’s Peaches’ 100th Birthday!

peaches' birthday photo

Peaches wears her green hat for her 100th birthday!

The big day is finally here!

And did I ever think I’d make it this long? Honestly, I never really thought about it! I can tell you from experience that we animals never really worry about these things as humans do, but that we are glad for every day we are here.

Especially when we’ve got wonderful parents like my mom, and a world full of friends, near and far away!

photo of cat in box

I've got a big box ready for all my gifts!

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes and the get well wishes as my mom and I continue to work with my kidney failure (and what a birthday gift I’ll get later today—another 100cc of fluids), and I hope we’ve given many other cats and their people the idea that living to 100 is not only entirely possible but not all that uncommon anymore. Little health issues may be troublesome as the years go on, but we’ve provided information on those so you know what to expect.

And the point I find most important is that older pets need homes too, so don’t be afraid to adopt us just because we’re old! My mom took me in at age 15, and I’m still going strong at 20, and my brother Stanley in this house lived to be about 25! With animal health care getting better all the time and all the information available to pet parents these days, any one of us could live a long and healthy life.

Now, mom, bring on the salmon pate!

There’s still time to bid on the print!

Bidding on the print of “Peaches and Peonies” is open until midnight tonight, May 1! Whoever has the highest bid by that time wins the print with all proceeds going directly to FosterCat, so you get to make a tax-deductible donation to a worthy feline rescue organization AND you get a piece of artwork as a thank you! Click here to read the article and bid.

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Bid on this Print and Start Celebration Peaches’ 100th Birthday

How Peaches Stole My Heart

Old is Awesome!

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My Feline Garden Sprites

Eva Offers a Donation in Honor of Peaches’ 100th

A Poem Dedicated to an Old Cat

Help FosterCat Even More Through My Three Cats

Cookie Reminisces

On The Conscious Cat

How to Care for Your Older Cat

On Catnip Chronicles

Peaches and Peonies

Donate to FosterCat Through Other Blogs and Websites

Eva Offers a Donation in Honor of Peaches’ 100th

Help FosterCat Even More Through My Three Cats

Other articles about Peaches

Peaches Applies for a Job

Get Well Wishes for Peaches

Peaches Says, “Thanks for All the Get Well Wishes, They Worked”

This is a short list—Peaches appears in many articles I’ve written on my household, on pet loss, and even some silly things I’ve written on my website before I had a blog! Search “peaches” in the search box for more articles.

Help FosterCat Even More Through My Three Cats

my three cats will donate $5.00 to FosterCat when you place an order! and The Studio of Bernadette Kazmarski have partnered to create a wonderful opportunity for you to help homeless cats.

In addition to bidding on the print, you can shop at and trigger an instant donation to FosterCat, Inc.  For each and every order you place at now through May 1, 2010, MyThreeCats & Co., Inc. will donate $5.00 to FosterCat, Inc.

Once has received your order, you’ll receive an email confirmation of the donation.

There are only 7 days left to this special offer, so please act now!


photo of pink plate with daisiesMy Three Cats & Co., Inc. is one of my customers for design, photography and promotion. In fact, they are the longest-standing customer for my commercial art business—we’ve been working together for 12 years!

From the very beginning, it’s been the company’s philosophy to find the best products for your cat in value, durability, safety, nutrition and fun.

From the beginning, my own philosophy has been to work with customers whose product or service I used, supported or believed in so that my work could further my goals for the world. I think this worked out just fine between me and My Three Cats.

Please visit their page in the “graphic design and illustration” section on my website at My Three Cats to see some of the work I’ve done for them.

Happy shopping, and thanks for supporting both one of my customers and FosterCat at the same time!

Beyond Food and Water, Loving Care for Your Senior Cat, part 2

profile of calico cat

Peaches' Profile

As a part of celebrating Peaches’ 100th Birthday, I am reprinting this article, Part Two in a two part series exploring Senior Cat Care that was first published in Cat Chat on My Three Cats in 2006.

Right now, Bogey is still pretty much at the top of his scratching post. He’s got the benefit of a good diet, lots of exercise with all his toys, and the knowledge that his little world really does revolve around him.

photo of a cat on refrigerator

Kelly can still make it to the top of the refrigerator at 16

Many cats will go on like this well into their teens, still spry and playful with a good appetite and a good attitude, perhaps just sleeping a little more and losing a little muscle mass even with regular exercise. But just like humans, other cats will begin to deteriorate at a younger age, or will develop chronic or terminal illnesses. And because many of us have rescued our companions from a life on the streets, many will bear the marks of that early deprivation, well enough when young, but with increasing difficulty as they age.

Optimizing the Environment

Somehow, the favorite chair is a little higher than it was last year, it’s hard to lean down to the food bowl, those steps to the litter box in the basement are pretty scary and she’ll never get up on the bed without assistance again, it’s just too tall. Just as cats will adapt to or hide physical illnesses, so will they adapt to these growing daily challenges of aging. You’ll think perhaps Tiger doesn’t like that food, or wonder that suddenly he has developed terrible litter box habits and doesn’t want to sleep with you any more.

As you would if you thought your Tiger was ill, observe the changes to his habits and do your best to determine the cause. Does he sit on the floor and look longingly up on the chair or the bed? Does he head for the stairs and not go down, or have obvious physical difficulty negotiating them? Give him a little assistance in the form of a foot stool or step stool next to the chair or bed and see if he still likes to sleep there. Consider purchasing raised dishes for his food and water.

And even though you may not like a litter box in the living room, Tiger may be very appreciative and use it diligently, which will keep you both very happy.   An attractive covered box with odor control features may work just fine on the main floor of your home.

cat sleeping on rocker

Kelly on the rocker.

Eyes and ears can begin to fail in older cats, too, and Tiger can become disoriented easily if furniture is moved without a reintroduction to the room. If he’s got a favorite sleeping spot, try to maintain it through a remodel. He may also need a few extra hollers if you call him for dinner, too. Also, consider a night light here and there to light Tiger’s way around the house. If he starts to wander around the house and yowl, some affection and sweet words from you can help to reorient him and provide him with reassurance.

Encourage activity as long as possible, as this will help circulation, joint flexibility, weight, appetite and elimination. Consider also products designed for seniors that will help in these areas, such as Cat Sure and Joint Health.

My senior cats love some green in their diet, so I grow grass for them and have it accessible on the floor of the main living area . This helps them to maintain a clean digestive tract.

And just as older people tend to be less adaptable with temperature changes, try to keep a warm spot available at all times for an old cat to curl up in when it’s cold, and a cool spot in the summer. For extra warmth and padding for those old bones, what cat wouldn’t like a Woolies igloo or cat bed.

These conveniences will help your senior cat remain independent for as long as possible.


photo of Calico cat washing her toes

Peaches still cleans between her toes.

In a body that doesn’t move as well or digest as well, consider the rigors of bathing. Tiger may not be able to reach all his areas and may develop knots or mats in his fur, even if he is short-haired, or a rash or flaking skin where he can’t clean the oils as he used to. As he ages, or with certain physical conditions, he may shed more, and constipation is a concern in older cats, often exacerbated by fur from grooming. Brush or comb him all over, especially in areas he may not be able to reach—he’ll really appreciate that, and the regular working of his skin will help to keep it clean.

Senior Illnesses

Get to know the big three benchmarks in Tiger’s daily life: activity, appetite and weight. Note any change in these three, especially if it happens over a short period of time and if it involves more than one indicator. Tiger may slow down as he ages, but if he just quits doing things he formerly enjoyed, like playing with a certain toy or starts sleeping more or in a completely different place than usual, he may be dealing with a chronic illness. If he suddenly loses interest in his favorite food or food in general, or starts losing weight despite his appetite, observe him carefully and make an appointment with your veterinarian for an exam and tests. Remember that your veterinarian will need your observations for a complete diagnosis.

The most common diseases in older cats are kidney and liver failure, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, anemia and cancer. The list needn’t be as frightening as it sounds—with early detection, a good diet and palliative care, these diseases can be cured or managed for more years of a good life. Along with the recommended twice-yearly exam by a veterinarian, observe your cat’s food and water consumption, and note any changes in behavior.

Increased activity level and a ravenous appetite with weight loss can indicate hyperthyroidism. Very common in older cats it is easily managed with medication if it is simply an overactive thyroid, but can also be successfully treated if it is caused by a thyroid tumor. A complete diagnosis is made with a physical exam of the thyroid and a blood test to check for thyroid hormone.

photo of cat on table with flowers

I treated Stanley for kidney failure for four years; he lived into his twenties.

Those symptoms can also indicate diabetes, along with frequent urination, which is diagnosed with a blood test and urinalysis. Many senior cat owners have managed the daily glucose test, insulin shot and dietary changes and been able to enjoy their cat’s company for years beyond the diagnosis.

An increase in water consumption along with a decreased appetite and occasional vomiting can mean kidney failure, also diagnosed with a blood test. It can’t be cured, but can be treated over the long term with dietary changes and hydration—even after all that water is consumed, Tiger can still be dehydrated because his kidneys are not functioning as well as they could be. Regular doses of subcutaneous fluids, often daily, will help Tiger’s kidneys continue to filter the body’s fluids, another treatment that can be done at home.

Cancer can be obvious in a highly visible growth, but can also be hidden inside, evidenced only by decreasing activity and appetite and weight loss. Many cancers can be treated without surgery, as surgery would be a last resort for an older cat, and treatment can keep it under control for quite some time.

Palliative Care

While many of the environmental changes can be considered “palliative”, this really refers to actions you take or treatments you give that help his body function normally or may simply make Tiger feel better. Dehydration is not uncommon, even when no chronic condition is present, as the body simply slows down. Regular application of subcutaneous fluids can help your cat fight diseases and simply feel better.

And beyond anything else you might do, it’s vitally important that you constantly give them affection, remind them how much they mean to you. The unfortunate truth is that cats only live a brief span of years compared to us, and that we’re likely to outlive them. However, if we commit some thought and some time to their senior care, we can certainly prolong their lives and provide for their comfort. After all, they have been our constant companions, offering unconditional love over many years. They deserve our special attention now, in their “sunset” years.


You can find plenty of references for care for older cats around the internet from to The Cornell Feline Health Center to the American Association of Feline Practitioners and in books such as Complete Care for Your Aging Cat.

I’m proud to say that part two of this series won a Muse Medallion in the Cat Writer’s Association’s 2007 Communications Contest and the Hartz Mountain Everyday Chewable Vitamin Award for the best article on senior cat care in the same contest. That’s when I joined the Cat Writer’s Association and it’s been one of the best associations I’ve made in my career for both writing and learning.

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Peaches Says, “Thanks for all the good wishes, they worked!”

photo of cat on table

Your 42 minutes is up.

Well, I think I lost a few days in there, but at my age I don’t really care about time, except for when it’s time to eat, which is still every 42 minutes.

But I felt pretty bad for a while there. My mom kept waking me up and looking at me and smelling my breath, and then she’d follow me around and watch me in the litterbox—please! some privacy for a dignified older kitty! Then we would go into the kitchen, and I would get up on my counter to eat but I just felt crappy and even though I was hungry nothing tasted good. Then I’d go back to sleep some more, but I wouldn’t get any peace because mom would wake me up again.

Even before this I’ve had some bad days now and then. My tummy would gurgle and I’d throw up everything I ate, and it would be really hard to do, you know, number 2. I always thought that was the way it was supposed to be because I was 15 when I came here and it had been that way for years, even with my other mom when my sister was still around.

But this mom would have none of it and let me out of the room here but left my sister in so she could watch just me. I thought I had gotten used to my sister pushing me around and stealing food, but no one did that here and finally I could eat a whole meal and use the litterbox without anyone chasing me in the middle of…you know. Wow, I really started to enjoy mealtime and not worry so much.

cat peaking over blanket

If you don't get up I will dig you out.

Then my sister was gone and my mom started feeding me all sorts of different food “to see what works for you,” she said. That was nice. I really liked everything, but anything with salmon was the best. I felt very special, and I could eat whenever I wanted, well, almost.

Still, I would have days when nothing agreed with me and mom would hover. I just wanted to tell her to leave me alone and I would be okay.

And that’s the way this started out. I was comfortable curled on mom’s lap and she seemed relaxed about it. I had contacted Eva about the job opening for an office assistant and it seemed like that was going well, and I was trying to keep it a secret. Mom was at her computer all day, Cookie was mad because I was on mom’s lap all the time so she walked on me, and I figured I would be okay again in a day or two.

cat on blanket

Will you please get up?

But it went on longer than usual. I knew I felt bad when Giuseppe tried to curl up with me on mom’s lap and I just didn’t feel like moving to make room, and he licked my face but I didn’t even have the energy to look up at him. About that time I started losing track of things and I knew I was really sick.

All I wanted to do was sleep, especially after mom and that lady that smells funny and the guy that comes with her were talking about “kidney failure” and all teamed up on me in the kitchen and tried to make me into a kitty sacrifice or something, sticking needles into me and filling me up like a water balloon. When I woke up later, I was really hungry and ate for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long, and I felt a lot better too. Mom was so happy when I woke her up the next morning. I was hungry!

cat at top of stairs

The kitchen is this way.

But it didn’t last all day. Mom tried to do the same voodoo thing to me and I said there was no way I was going to put up with that again so she didn’t get too far with it. Later my mom pulled some stranger in off the street about whom she said something like “vet tech school graduate” and “glad to find her and she lives just around the corner” to help her but I stopped that before they were done too. I may only be 5.4 pounds, but I know how to fling all four paws at once and throw everyone off. Mom said that was probably enough and they talked about how kitties “had to get used to this”—as if we’d ever get used to torture like that! Enough torture, just bring on the salmon pate! I’ll eat already!

I started out okay the next day and got right back to work pushing papers around on the desk and walking on the keyboard, but by later on I felt crappy again. It was really dark and everyone else was sleeping and I heard mom on the phone telling someone that she really didn’t want to wait until the next night when she’d “have someone to help her”, and suddenly I was in a plastic carrier with a warm blanket and we were moving!

cat on landing waiting

I am losing patience.

I never did figure it out, but we ended up in a strange place with lots of lights that smelled like more things than I could figure out and we were doing the needle thing again. Many hands were petting me and telling me how cute I was and what a strong kitty I was to have lived this long and they were sure I’d be fine. I wanted to tell them they had no idea what I did all day, that I am one hard-working kitty! And at my age yet!

I think we had a little snack when we got home, then the next morning I sat on mom until she got up and this time I was good all day. In the evening the same stranger came around who had tried to torture me with the needle a few days before, but she and mom just talked and petted me, and then they petted everyone else and I knew I was off the hook.

cat on crochet project

Peaches keeps my crochet project from getting away.

So I got to eat some pretty good stuff, that pureed chicken in the little jar that mom feeds me off a spoon, and all sorts of salmon pate, even little bits of cooked real salmon and, most exciting, real raw meat, little slivers of salmon and venison that mom warms up in her fingers. Mom gives me this now and then already, and I can’t eat too much of it but I don’t need to. I feel supercharged after I eat it.

And I got back to work and worked all week, helping around the house and I don’t know if mom would ever stop dawdling upstairs in the morning if I didn’t coax her down. Mom kept an eye on me, and that was a problem because I could barely get back to Eva to tell her I was well again and we should get back to our interview thing.

Near the end of the week, though, I started to slow down again and mom kept pulling at the skin around my shoulders and frowning and saying, “Hmmm.”

peaches and Kelly on the butterfly rug

Peaches and Kelly

Then Kelly, who usually eats with me and curls up on the butterfly rug with me, wasn’t feeling well and I discovered she was upstairs in the bathroom. Mom called that stranger, who I guess isn’t a stranger anymore but this time she didn’t just visit, they did the voodoo needle thing again, both me and Kelly.

Maybe I really am getting used to it, and I also remember that after I had a nap and slept it off I felt really good, so I just put up a little fuss so they wouldn’t think I liked it or anything but I didn’t make them stop. Mom had me in a death grip against her chest, anyway, so I couldn’t even wave a paw, and she kept talking and talking which was really nice because she was warm and it felt like she was purring.

cats on desk

Dinner, now.

So now I’m waiting for dinner, and not only do I have to wait longer than usual but one of those annoying young cats is taking up her entire lap. The only good thing about them is that they are warm and soft and don’t mind when I touch them, not like Cookie or Kelly who can sometimes be prickly, but when I try to walk on him he squirms around and I land on the keyboard and mom picks me up and puts me back on her desk.

But it looks like mom is getting up now and dinnertime looks imminent.

And I got get well wishes from Daniela and Eva and Ingrid and Amber and Marg’s Pets who sent us “lots and lots of purrs, 2 woofies, 2 Heehaws and 1 Baa” and Allia and Bogey from My Three Cats who always sends us cool toys and everyone else who wished me well and so many others, and it made me feel so good that everything seemed normal again. Read the comments in “Get Well Wishes for Peaches”. What’s a kitty to do without the internet these days?

I’ll be in touch Eva!

Read about what started it all in “Get Well Wishes for Peaches”.

P.S. Peaches’ mom thanks everyone too! Your support was just as important to me as it was to Peaches!

Can’t Break This Heart!

Hearrt Attack Catnip Heart

Hearrrt Attack Catnip Heart

When our cats will play with scraps of paper and chase their own tails I often wonder at the sense of purchasing toys for them. Watching them with a catnip toy is worth it, though! I also appreciate good craftsmanship and a toy that reflects a deep understanding of feline sensibilities and perceptions., with Bogey as Chairpurr-son, is the longest-standing customer of my business for design and writing and also a business I patronize for goodies for the kids because the selection of toys, treats, furniture and more is so carefully assembled for quality, price and environmental/cultural awareness.

They carry Ducky World catnip toys, and this set of Hearrrt Attack catnip toys is one of the favorites in this household—aside from the fact that they are apparently filled with really good…stuff, I think they are also just the right size for a good round of pouncing, biting, licking, kicking and tossing.  And if red is indeed one of the colors cats can see, this would be hard to miss.

Aside from my cats’ appreciation of these toys, I am thrilled with their craftsmanship. Of the nine cats living with me now, only Peaches does not play with toys though she does rub her face on catnip toys left on the floor, but that leaves eight cats kicking the crap out of any given toy and I’ve never seen a Ducky World toy so much as burst a thread. And while cat toys are also designed with humans in mind, this set of hearts says “happy kitty”, “can’t break this heart” and best of all “lick me, bite me, bunnykick me”—they really understand kitty behavior!

catnip hearts toy ad

animated ad I designed for My Three Cats & Co., Inc.

Our friends at have a special on these toys for Valentine’s Day—save over $1.00 on one toy, or get a free toy with purchase of any six toys! Take advantage of it until February 14, 2010, get your cats some quality toys they’ll really enjoy and give yourself a laugh every time you see it on the floor! At left is the ad I designed for to run on their website and other sites for advertising. How good is that? Designing ads for catnip toys!

Shop in June and Make a Donation

logo_emailJune is Adopt-a-Cat month, and in honor of this distinction, will offer a donation with every purchase you make on their website in June. Here’s how it works:

“All over the U.S., shelters are overcrowded with homeless kittens and cats, especially because many stray cats and pet cats aren’t spayed or neutered. If you own a cat who isn’t yet spayed or neutered, please take steps now to have this done by your veterinarian. If you have recently lost a cherished pet, or are simply thinking about adoption, we strongly encourage you to visit your local shelter. There, you will find many wonderful cats and you will be saving a life. is committed to helping this critically important cause. During the entire month of June, will donate 10% of all sales proceeds to the Doris Day Animal Foundation , including all June orders you place with us. Please send all of your friends and family a link to and ask them to place their June orders now. Happy Shopping!” is one of my customers for design work and I occasionally add to their blog BogeysBlogSphere, and the owners are friends of mine. I know they’ve always been generous with local shelters on behalf of their business, so click and shop at My Three Cats and know that your purchase is helping other cats.

Kitty Fingers

Giuseppe Stretches up the Wall

Giuseppe Stretches up the Wall

Read my blog entry—on another blog?! I’ve written a little “snippet” about how cats use their claws…

I’ve been working with My Three Cats & Co., Inc. for a little over 10 years in design, writing and marketing. When they added the shopping cart functionality I left their page design to someone else and now I just write articles and design print and electronic advertisements, which is really the fun part, anyway! They just set up a blog, so I’m going to send you there to read my entries at Bogey’s Blog Sphere and to check out their site, You may want to be prepared to do some shopping because they carry some choice tidbits for both cats and their people. I don’t let my kitties look when I visit the site because they’ll want every toy they see!

Make sure you check out “Cat Chat”, too, a catalog of four years’ worth of articles I’ve written for

I’ve also placed the URL for their blog at the bottom of the right-hand column on my blog, as well as the addresses to others’ blogs you might find interesting. Happy reading!