bull mastiff puppies

Six Bull Mastiff puppies

Here’s the best photo of the litter of six Bull Mastiff puppies I photographed yesterday, all sitting nicely in their little containers with chrysanthemums* and pumpkins ready for autumn. They each have a different colored ribbon so they can be distinguished later. They are: Blaze, Mason, Whiskey, Maggie Mae, Minkee and Webster.

Below is what it took for three humans to get them into position—a lot of holding them in position and saying, “Just like that! Now stay like that!”

holding puppies in place

Getting puppies ready.

And here is what happened immediately after the good photo—note mom dog looking a little worried at what these humans are doing to her babies. What was it I’ve heard about “herding cats”? I’m just thrilled we got one good photo of them all!

puppy photo a mess

Puppies all over.

*NOTE ABOUT CHRYSANTHEMUMS: Chrysanthemums are highly toxic to dogs and cats. They were only used as props for color in these photos. For information concerning the toxicity of chrysanthemums, and other plants toxic to dogs and cats, visit the ASPCA list of toxic plants: http://www.aspca.org/Pet-care/poison-control/Plants/chrysanthemum.aspx

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