Cookie as Photo Assistant: 2011

tortie cat in front of painting

Cookie, My Photography Assistant

Photographing framed artwork through the glass is a difficult proposition at best and not always successful, but a helpful tortie can check your angles and settings and add her magic to your skill.

Here you can clearly see Cookie’s black knee socks. I’ve always loved her black knee socks. She also has a saddle, which I’ve alternately compared to the stripes on a caterpillar. And her little fanny pack, carried under her belly, is clearly marked with her white patch. I’d better be careful, she’s watching me type this.

Why would I photograph art through the glass? Because the person who purchased it from me years ago, before I had the capacity to take adequate photos of  my artwork for reproduction, temporarily loaned it back to me and I didn’t have the time to take the art out of the frame, then put it back in and repaper the back. Too many helpful paws in the house.

Cookie worked in this position for many years. Digging back through very old photos a few months ago I found the first one I took of Cookie being my art photo assistant, when she was about one year old and I had lights, reflectors and a tripod set up in my basement. I didn’t photograph through the glass but actually put the frame together without the glass and photographed the art, took it apart and placed the glass then finished it up. Here Cookie is checking the position of one of my lights.

tortie cat with painting

Cookie my art assistant, at age one!

And here she was last summer when I photographed the black cat sculpture I’d done in college, after she’d been promoted to studio supervisor. I think she had a thing for lighting…

tortie cat with sculpture

Cookie, as studio supervisor, tells me the lighting is all wrong.

But the day I took the top photo in April 2011 Cookie was really in a mood for strutting her stuff as I packed up the artwork and my camera, and was quick to point out that I hadn’t moved her table far enough away from the deck railing, uncertain of the balance of a 19-year-old cat. She apparently needs to walk all the way to the end of the railing at the other set of steps, turn around and come back and step down onto the swing and invite me to sit with her. Guess she showed me. Of course, I took her advice.

tortie cat on deck railing

Cookie Walks the Plank


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Welcome Kitty

cat sculpture

Greeting Cat.

This is the kitty who greets you at my front door.

I have a number of feline sculptures and outdoor items, some of which I’ve made, some gifts and some beckoned to me from yard sales and vintage shops.

This one came to me with Peaches and Cream; the person who brought me them also brought me several small feline-themed items as well. This was handmade by someone, cast in a lightweight concrete mix so it bears that grainy texture all over except on the eyes.

It’s not a 3-D sculpture, just a relief, and I have him posted just above the bottom crossbar of my homemade dark brown wooden shutter where he can peek over, around or through whatever vase of flowers I have on the table by the door.

Right now this is the dried flowers of the many-flowered aster, my favorite autumn aster, I rescued from a parking lot before it was sprayed with chemicals.

The leaves have fallen and the golden autumn sunlight angles onto my front porch, bathing the cat and the flowers in amber warmth for just a short while, and all else is in deep shadow.