National…International…Today is Cat Day!

cat sleeping

A Blissful Namir.

Cat day is every day, right?

October 29, 2011 really does mark the annual celebration of National and International Cat Day, brought to you by the Animal Miracle Network, which hosts nearly two dozen annual holidays celebrating companion animals of all sorts.

black cat on striped rug

Lucy Pink and Gray

We who live with companion animals know that every day is a celebration of their love and companionship in our lives, but marking an individual day on the calendar also helps to further goals for all animal companions, not just our own. For instance, one of the goals of this day is to see the adoption of 10,000 shelter cats—today—through special events promoting feline adoptions both at bricks and mortar shelters and internet adoption sites.

This holiday along with others also raises awareness of other feline-specific issues. More cats than dogs are owned as pets, yet cats receive “significantly less  veterinary care” than their canine counterparts according to a report from the Association of Feline practitioners and the AVMA.

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Basic Feline Wellness

pencil sketch of cat in bag

In the Bag, pencil © B.E. Kazmarski

I remember someone telling me when I was a child that cats were the perfect pet because they didn’t require any care, you really didn’t even have to feed them.

Unfortunately for cats some people still feel this way, but those numbers are dwindling fast as standards for care are recommended and new methods of care and treatment become available. Our cats may not like seeing the doctor and may expertly hide their symptoms in an effort to seem well even though their living conditions no longer require this evolutionary response to illness, but this is one time when we humans should go against our cats’ will and provide both basic wellness and acute care.

October is National Pet Wellness Month sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and Pfizer Animal Health, so it’s time to schedule our cats’ appointments and learn how to help them live as healthy and long a life as possible. I’ll be writing articles on care for cats, and my guest writer Karen Sable has prepared a thorough two-part article on helping your pet stay well and getting to know your pet  from nose to tail so that you can better tell if something is wrong, which will include a downloadable checklist for your nose-to-tail inspection.

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