Catnip for Breakfast

tortoiseshell cat with catnip toy

First a deep sniff.

Kelly decided to have catnip for breakfast today. Is that a problem?

She was happily eating right next to Mimi on the cabinet, then abruptly and deliberately jumped down and headed right past the Fantastic Four on the Floor eating their breakfast, a brave move for Kelly. Her destination was obviously the catnip toy with the pink plume feather which seems to be her favorite.

I don’t know, if it can take Kelly away from her breakfast, I think it may be a pretty serious issue, beyond the usual effects of catnip.

First she threw herself down next to it and took a big deep sniff, pulling some of the dishtowels headed for the basement into the act.

Then she wiggled and rolled around on it.

tortoiseshell cat with catnip toy

Then a big wiggle.

Then she flopped herself nearly upside down.

tortoiseshell cat with catnip toy

Kelly is totally blissed.

It is good to see Kelly relaxing, and after her little nip she got the munchies and ate a really good breakfast. In any case, it was a great start to the day.

And, yes, this is the same timid little Kelly I’ve been writing about in A Little Bit About Kelly—what a difference a decade makes!

Here’s Kelly just the other day with the same catnip toy. I’ll have to find out what’s in that particular toy; their Aunt Carolyn gave them a bunch to try out that she wants to sell in her online store,—this is not a product placement, we want to thank her publicly!


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