Daily Sketch: Four Cats at the Window

pencil sketch of four cats at a window

Four Cats at the Window, pencil © B.E. Kazmarski

They were coming and going and shuffling around at the window today, and so was I at my desk. The sun was bright and their silhouettes clear, so I marked a moment I liked, then drew this in stages as I appeared at my desk and the cats appeared in their places, first Mewsette and Bean in the center, then Mimi way over on the right, and Mr. Sunshine, who never quite settled on the sill but stood on the table with his paws on the sill, on the left. I might put vertical bars on either end to hold them in, but I think you get the idea.


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Daily Sketch: Spring Birdwatching

colored pencil sketch of two cats looking out the window

Spring Birdwatching, colored pencil © B.E. Kazmarski

Green Giuseppe and orange Mr. Sunshine watch birds in the bare lilac and at the feeder just outside the window.

No watercolor pencil to fight with tonight, just colored pencil. The only way I could catch the two of them in the act with a sketch, especially one so detailed, is because they kept coming back to approximately the same place and the same position. I lightly sketched their positions the first time they were there, then added a little more each time they returned which made their shapes exaggerated in some areas, like Giuseppe’s tail but it works. They don’t have squiggles either, they just came out of my pencils.


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For a gallery of the ones available for sale, visit my Etsy shop in the “Daily Sketches” section.

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A Rainy Day Together

four black cats

Four in the Morning

Here’s what we’ve decided to do today, especially since mom is playing around with her computer again.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than being together anyway. Every morning after breakfast and litterbox duty and a little play, we meet at our favorite window to have a communal bath, watch the birds for a little bit and then nap in preparation for the day.

For some reason mom pays lots of attention to us when we do this. You’d think she’d want to leave us alone while we’re napping, but she walks around with her black thing on her face and talks to us. Usually when she talks to us we’ll hurry over to her and give her some love since that seems to be what she wants, but when we are together like this, it’s just the four of us. Mom doesn’t seem to mind.

They really do this nearly every single morning. This is the window in my office, adjacent to my desk which is a corner desk angled in the corner of the room so I can’t miss them—especially when they jump up onto the other end of the desk, parade along the catwalk from that end, in front of me and my computer, and continue around the bend to their favorite spot, this window. For as often as I’ve seen it and photographed it, I can’t stop myself from doing it again, nearly every day.

Today really is very dim and rainy, the big four are dark already and when photographed all together look pretty much like a blob of dark fur with heads though they don’t look like that in real life. I had to adjust the photo an incredible amount to be able to see the detail I actually saw in their fur and faces which does interesting things to the native color in the photo, hence the desaturation and color filter. This is an interpretation of what I see when I look at them.

Let Us At Him

four black cats at window

Let Us At Him

I’m sure the squirrel is glad for the screen.

Then again, this particular squirrel likes to sit outside the window and make faces at the kids.

Still, I’m sure he’s glad for the screen.


two black cats looking out window

Mimi and Mr. Sunshine keep an eye on the birds.

Mimi and Mr. Sunshine keep an eye on the activities at the bird feeders as the snow swirls around outside their window. Is it birdwatching, or meditation, both, or do the mesmerizing movements of the birds and snow lead to a meditative state? They do for me, but perhaps I’m overthinking this.