Giuseppe, Hard at Work

black cat on person's shoulder

Giuseppe checks out the situation.

Giuseppe hopped lightly onto Dominick’s shoulder, settled in and reviewed the new assignment.

Giuseppe takes his job very seriously, and he doesn’t just jump up onto anyone’s shoulder. I’ve been working with Dom since 2000 and he totally understands the need for cats to walk on papers, look deep into a human’s eyes to judge character, and approve any individual who comes into the house.

Apparently, Dom meets’ with Giuseppe’s high standards. Perhaps it’s their Italian heritage and love of opera.

black cat on person's shoulder giving face rub

Giuseppe approves of Dom.

Now that Dom has been approved, Giuseppe must review all the papers and approve with a nose rub or a bite in the corner. All papers were approved.

black cat inspecting papers

Giuseppe gives his nose rub of approval.

I’m really glad my customers are cat people, considering they have been forced to interact with one or more for all the years I’ve been working in my home! Here are a few other photos of my cats interacting with customers.

My Feline Receptionist

Work? He’s Here to See Me

A Busy Day at Work


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