The Eyes Have It

photo of two black cats on chair

The Eyes Have It

Mewsette and Giueseppe open their eyes briefly to be photographed, otherwise don’t move a whisker.

This is today’s feature photo on Today, my daily photo blog. Click over there to see a larger version and read the text I wrote about these two, about this particular family of cats and about photographing black cats in particular.

I have photographed my cats for years, actually carrying a camera around the house with me to be sure I catch the moment. I often use their images in my own designs as well as selling their images as stock photography. I have about 30 years of cat photos and have the last ten years of my digitals on my website. You can see them in action in almost every entry on my blog The Creative Cat, and on my Marketplace blog you can see them in my Animal Sympathy Cards. I have eight galleries of them in the photo section on my website.

Keeping Peaches Warm

Peaches apparently makes a great pillow.

peaches and giuseppe at heater

Peaches and Giuseppe

black cat using calico cat for a pillow

Mewsette Uses Peaches as a Pillow

She is purportedly 19 years old. She came to me four years ago, and a friend of her former owner, who had died told me Peaches was about 15. She looked entirely her age at that time, perhaps because, although  people had been caring for her and her sister in her former owner’s home because the cats were familiar with it, older cats need a little more attention.

peaches giuseppe sunshine

Peaches, Giuseppe and Sunshine

In the cold weather, Peaches tends to sleep in front of the heater vent here in my office/living room, and generously shares it with the Cuddly Kittens, now 2-1/2, who just love their older sister who is less than half the size of the smallest of them. They give her little baths, too, and try to get her to play, but Peaches is all about, food, warmth and sleep.

Peaches is a real joy as a senior foster-turned-household-member, all 5-1/2 pounds of her. I write about her now and then: Feline Faith and Understanding about Peaches’ understanding of the world; Senior Mentoring, Youth Warming Program?, a photo of Giuseppe using Peaches as a pillow on my desk from last year; I Follow My Cats Around With a Sketchpad, showing a little painting of Peaches;  and Senior Pet Adoption Program, showing one of my favorite paintings of Peaches, and an offer to donate to a senior pet adoption program of your choice with the purchase of a print.

Also, on my website, is another article about Peaches and her new retirement hobby of photography written after she had commandeered my digital camera, Area Senior Cat Finds Muse in Photography.

Senior Mentoring…Youth Warming Program?

Guiseppe uses little Peaches as a pillow while she enjoys his big warmth.

Guiseppe uses little Peaches as a pillow while she enjoys his big warmth.

My oldest, Peaches at 19, and smallest at 5 pounds, and one of my youngest, Giuseppe at 21 months, and largest at 14 pounds and using Peaches as a pillow, curl together under the warm work light on my desk, otherwise known as a kitty keep-warm light on chilly days. Peaches is older and naturally gravitates toward warmer places, but I often find Giuseppe in the same places, and I also  see him shepherding Peaches into a ball, then curling around her and purring while she nestles into his youthful warmth.

Four boisterous kittens don’t always mix well with older cats, especially somewhat frail and slightly confused seniors such as Peaches. One youngster is a handful, but with each youngster added their destructive potential is increased exponentially.

Now that these kittens are adults they aren’t as active, but each of them is a pretty big cat. Especially Giuseppe, the biggest of the litter. He’s about 14 pounds and could probably stand to lose about one, but I can still see the outlines of his ribs and he has no little pouch hanging below his belly, so a good bit of it is dense muscle.

I was concerned about Peaches when I began to let the kittens roam the house, partly because she is small but also because she is confused and doesn’t always “get” what’s happening around her. But when the kittens tried to get her to play, running around her and getting in her way, bumping up against her, she just ignored them completely as if they weren’t there at all, much like Peaches does with anything that doesn’t interest her. They couldn’t get a rise out of her, so they left her alone.

She’s not entirely oblivious to their presence, though. I’ve awakened to see her curled in a tiny peach and gray ball right in the center of the four of them on my bed in the morning.

Kitty Fingers

Giuseppe Stretches up the Wall

Giuseppe Stretches up the Wall

Read my blog entry—on another blog?! I’ve written a little “snippet” about how cats use their claws…

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