Apartment Maintenance Personnel Inhumanely Trap and Dump Feral Cats

Please take the time to make a phone call on behalf of homeless cats to help stop a continuing situation near Pittsburgh.

Michelle Miller, Executive Adminstrator at the Homeless Cat Management Team in Pittsburgh, alerted the Pittsburgh Feral Cat Movement group on Facebook that a maintenance person or caretaker at a North Hills apartment building had been bragging about trapping raccoons and cats and dumping them “across the river”. A visit from a humane agent brought excuses from the manager that this was a “bad joke” and no such thing was happening.

Michelle continued pressing the issue with the building manager and the owners and along with Vicki Stringfellow Cook of Pittsburgh Animal Rescue Examiner corresponded with the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society where the cats were purported to be taken. No cats had arrived there at the hands of these people, yet cats were trapped and removed.

Homeless Cat offered the management and the building owner to set up a TNR program for them at no cost to or effort by the management, they briefly considered but decided instead to continue trapping cats and taking them to the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. The WPHS will not euthanize any cat that is ear-tipped and does not have a policy of euthanizing feral cats upon arrival, but kittens are already beginning to arrive at the shelter and decisions must be made for all the cats.

Not in any conversation did anyone from the apartment management or real estate agency indicate the cats were a problem in any way or give any reason for them to be removed.

Michelle writes, “Cascades Apartments are located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, PA, at 100 East West Drive, 412.301.3346. Maintenance personnel have irresponsibly and inhumanely trapped 9 cats and ‘dumped’ them in various locations around in Allegheny County.

“PRG Real Estate owns and operates The Cascades. Sadly, after a humane investigation, it was determined we had not enough hard proof for a case. PRG has now in retaliation instructed the Cascades personnel to trap the remaining cats on the property and surrender them to the Western PA Humane Society. The cats are not ‘adoptable’ and will be certainly euthanized. We need YOU to be the voice for the voiceless!

“There are approximately 6-8 cats left they are trying to trap and kill. We want to save their lives. HCMT has offered to do a T/N/R project for FREE. Instead, PRG wants them removed and killed! TNR is an effective and humane solution to the problem at the Cascades created by a former resident. Why should the Cascades dump their problem on the local animal shelter and cost TAXpayers money!


“Please call PRG Real Estate and tell them how cruel and unncessary this is, and that you are United for a Humane Cascades Complex! Thank you!

“PRG Philly Office 215-744-1200

“PRG Columbus Office 614-885-5482 (Amy Cain is the Regional Property Mgr who gave the “official” statement that they have authorized the removal of the cats from their HOME)


Unfortunately this type of “removal” quietly happens in cases like this all the time, where individuals decide to trap cats who have made a home where a human thinks they don’t belong. We know there are better solutions than inhumanely trapping and removing them, but we can’t force anyone into that decision.

But we can call them on it, literally, and point out to others what they are doing so that in the light of public opinion they are exposed.

For more information, also read this article on the Pittsburgh Animal Rescue Examiner.

Please call, and let them know this is wrong!

Urgent: Can You Foster a Mom and Three Kittens?

mother cat and kittens

Tabby mom with tabby babies

Meet tabby Momcat and her three lovely tabby children! She’s looking for a nice foster home where she can raise her children and stay until all are adopted with assistance from FosterCat. We need to know ASAP.

Right now she’s at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, but the shelter is already full of kittens—and they are taking in 50 to 60 cats EACH DAY! Please help to take the burden off an open door shelter. See if you can fit a frightened mom and her curious kids into your home for a couple of months with the guarantee that you’d have assistance helping them find homes.

fostercat logo

FosterCat Inc.

This mom cat would be fostered through FosterCat, which would also handle all the adoptions. She and her kittens would NOT be returned to WPHS in order to allow the cage space for more needy cats.

If you can foster, call Clare Collins, (412) 352-2886 (cell number).

If you can’t foster but would like to help, make a tax-deductible donation to FosterCat, www.fostercat.org, or the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, www.wpahumane.org. This donation goes directly to helping both organizations take care of homeless cats and other animals by paying for veterinary care and food which is in urgent need right now during “kitten season”.

If you missed the chance on this mom and kittens but can foster other cats or kittens, please contact FosterCat, www.fostercat.org, the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society at visit http://www.wpahumane.org/foster.html or call Chris Whyle, 412.321.4625, x 221 or your local shelter.