Kelly’s Morning Bath

cat in front of window

Kelly at the Window, Morning.

A morning like this reminds me of the original inspiration for my linoleum block print, Kelly’s Morning Bath. I’m teaching a little class in linoleum block printing today, so perhaps that’s why I’m seeing the world from this perspective!

I really loved watching her bathe enthusiastically every morning in front of this window where the morning sun shines through the leaves at a wonderful angle, silhouetting her and the window itself, visualizing a finished work as a block print to capture the stark dark and light and using various colored and patterned papers to capture the leafy shadows.

I did several sketches and had the idea I’d like to do a multi-frame image to capture her action as a process rather than a just one view; anyone who’s ever watched a cat bathe knows that just one view doesn’t capture the whole sense of the cat bath. I knew I wanted that lovely graceful curve and the silhouette of her looking at me in one frame, and I had to have a “leg in the air” frame of Kelly washing between her toes, and Kelly also has a sweet habit of pausing in the middle of a face wash as if she’s hit a point of meditation—this is the first frame.

Once I decided on the three frames I wanted to use I placed them in various orders, but there was only one sequence that I liked best. Here is my first design for Kelly’s Morning Bath.

block print on green background

Kelly's Morning Bath 1 on green leafy paper

That looked a little stark, though it was what I’d been visualizing. Then I cut one with a more decorative border, added more of the window and eliminated the shading across the middle keeping it stark black and white, and I liked that design too! They officially became Kelly’s Morning Bath 1 and 2.

block print of cat in front of window

Kelly's Morning Bath 2, peachy speckle paper

I print them both, and I’ll often print just one panel at a time on items such as gift bags or other small things.

More than ten years later and Kelly is still bathing on that windowsill!

You can find these two prints in my Etsy shop as well as all the block print designs of my cats on my website.

Art I’m Taking to BlogPaws

I’m so excited—it’s just days away! Peaches is doing well in her kidney failure treatment and I’m looking forward to a little travel and getting away from the computer.

The BlogPaws Committee was generous enough to organize an art exhibit and auction/sale during the conference. Here are the three pieces I’ll be taking:

pastel of a white cat on a blue stool

White Cat Reflecting, pastel © B.E. Kazmarski

watercolor of a cat in kitchen

Darling Clementine, watercolor © B.E. Kazmarski

Each sale will be split 50/50 between the artist and the fund BlogPaws is collecting to donate to animal shelters and organizations. So if you’re going, bid high, not just for the animals but for me as well!

I’m thrilled to have these pieces in the exhibit, if only for the fact that I share my cats with the world in this special way.

block print of cat bathing in front of window

Kelly's Morning Bath 2, block print © B.E. Kazmarski

Click here to see art from the other participants and see the website of the person who’s organizing the exhibit.