Georgie and Rosey Looking for a Home

tortie kitten

Rosey is actually a very dark tortoiseshell.

Who could dump two kittens obviously so sweet?

orange kitten

Georgie is a love.

Rosey and Georgie are brother and sister, about 14 weeks old. Both are current on shots, and are FIV and FeLV negative.

tortie kitten

Rosey shows off the white spot under her chin.

They have been wormed, and treated for fleas and are ready to be spayed and neutered.

orange kitten with young girl

Georgie loves his kisses.

They are both litter trained, and very friendly and playful. Rosey is a little reserved at first, until she gets to know you.

black tortie kitten

Rosey warms up to people very nicely.

They love to snuggle, and purr as soon as you touch them.

orange kitten with girl

I can tell Georgie is like a stuffed toy!

They were rescued by Marcy, who regularly rescues and fosters homeless cats and dogs. She paid for their veterinary care out of her own pock, so she is asking a re-homing fee of $60 so that she can keep rescuing. Click this link to find a list of low-cost spay and neuter clinics, which you can download and print out, in the Pittsburgh area, as well as links to search for a clinic close to you anywhere in the country.

If you would like to adopt either one or both of these kittens, please contact Marcy at 412-334-7187 or send her an e-mail.

Three Kittens in a Jim Beam Box

three kittens in box

These kittens were dropped off at Ohiopyle State Park.

…dropped off at the Train Station near Ohiopyle State Park. Apparently the heartless –#$%^&!– who dropped them off thought they were doing them a favor, and they may have considering some of the other possibilities.

The note with the photo on the Ohiopyle State Park Facebook page says:

Three more kittens dropped off in a Jim Beam box at the Train Station. Thankfully we got to them before the storm came through. A fourth was seen crawling out of the box but we couldn’t find it. Call the park office at 724-329-8591 to adopt or SPCA will be picking them up sometime tomorrow.

A Rescued Kitten Named for Peaches

kitten in cat bed

Peaches in bed, so lovely.

Shortly after I had published my farewell article to Peaches, Karen Payne, fellow writer* and editor of the Cat Writer’s Association’s newsletter Meow, wrote me to send her condolences and tell me she was thinking of naming one of the kittens in a rescued litter after my Peaches.

“I’m thinking of naming a foster cat after Peaches—a very sweet little girl who needs a lovely name—would Peaches like that?” she wrote.

My Peaches’ original name was “Rosebud”, which she never answered to for me but seemed to really like when I gave her a new name, “Peaches”, so I think she’d love the idea of another rescued kitty adopting her name and finding a new life as she did. And I was thrilled to know there’d be another little Peaches out there named for my girl, a new life in the good hands of a foster mom.

Karen wrote to tell me a little more about their rescue and about Peaches’ littermates and their mom.

calico and white kitten

Emma, their mom.

“Our little girl was in so much trouble, but then we found a way to get her family off the street and they are all doing so well. I use Reiki and Tellington TTouch to increase their trust—those things and patience usually work very quickly. Little Peaches, a pale orange/white, is the only girl—her brothers are (we think) Benjy (gray tabby), Toby (white/gray), and Tristan (Turkish van colors and long hair), and mom is calico Emma.”

They had developed a little eye infection so they needed to be treated before their modeling session, and in that time Karen got to know the sweet little family.

“It took a little time to get everything just right and give the kittens and mom a chance to adjust and be ready for their new homes. They are ready now—and they are a playful, sweet family, ready to make some people really happy.

“It’s unusual that the kittens are so playful and yet so willing to lap-sit—very endearing.

“Peaches is a leader in all their activities, and she was first to warm up to us and purr.”

Just like my girl, very decisive. Once her mind is made up there is no turning back and unfailingly sweet and friendly. As Karen wrote in a flyer about Peaches, “Peaches is a real peach, a very sweet and mellow kitten who loves to investigate new toys and also craves to find a welcoming lap and be petted; she’s shorthaired, pale orange-and-white with vivid gold eyes.”

Here are their descriptions, and if anyone is interested in adopting Peaches or any of the other kittens in the litter, “hurry to contact Cat Network mom Karen at 305-665-1639 (phone/fax/messages), 305-205-4646 (cell – not reliable for messages),”

Want a playful companion AND a contented lap kitty all in one? These kitten babies and mom are for you!

kitten close up

Peaches, close-up

PEACHES is a beautiful peaches-and-cream color, and she has a mellow, sweet personality to match her delicious name. She’s always the first to check out a new toy, and she loves to chase strings and feathers. But she’s also first to give her affection; she’s a loving kitten. Peaches was rescued with mom Emma and sibs from a 12-inch space between fences where they were abandoned.

The kittens were born August 15, 2010. All the kittens are healthy, purring babies, ready to bring you joy. All of them (and mom Emma too) love to be petted, and all love to play and chase toys. You can pass many happy hours with a kitten snoozing contentedly on your lap while you meditate or watch TV.

kitten with toy

TRISTAN, gorgeous

Peaches will touch your heart with her sweet ways; she’s 11 weeks old, with vet work done, ready for love – everything you could want in a pet. To adopt, contact Karen P at 305-665-1639 or via email.

ALL – affectionate, playful sweethearts. Tested, dewormed, shots, neuter-spay included, healthy. Mellow, yet fun-loving…. Kittens 11 weeks, Emma 10 months old.

TRISTAN – semi-longhaired with green eyes and Turkish Van markings (white coat with brown color on ears and tail), very relaxed and happy, a lover

PEACHES – white and pale orange with deep golden eyes, first to investigate anything new, mellow and sweet, a real peach

kitten on holiday rug

TOBY, little angel

TOBY – white and gray with green eyes and bandit markings, the baby of the family and mom cat’s favorite, gentle and loving, a little doll

kitten in cat bed

BENJY in bed, adorable

BENJY – light gray with gray eyes, adventurous, sweet, outgoing, great sense of humor, determined to make you smile, a heart winner

EMMA – beautiful petite young calico mom, smart, loving, sensuous, adores purring while you pet her, a true treasure

About Karen Payne and Princess Kitty

princess kitty

Princess Kitty

Princess Kitty was Karen’s very talented cat who actually became quite famous for her ability to learn tricks and to perform, appearing in her own performances and in television programs.

According to Karen’s Princess Kitty website, she was “the most highly trained cat who ever lived. Easily able to do more than 100 tricks on command, Princess Kitty has delighted audiences around the world through her television, movie and commercial appearances. Her charitable, live performances have brought joy and magic to more than 20,000 children in schools and hospitals nationwide.”

If I Didn’t Already Have Nine Cats…

kitten in front of wire barrier

Frasier is happy to meet me.

I would have walked out of Petco with this little guy.

I don’t often shop at Petco but needed a special dietary supplement for Peaches. When I do shop there I always check the cat adoption area, right by the front door—often I know the person there, and a few times I’ve known the cats.

This time Frasier came running over to the fence barrier as if he’d been waiting for me all day. What a personality! Direct eye contact—he knows he’s cute! White whiskers in a black face, a white bib and a white belly, and of course those white paws that always take me away, including just white toes on the front.

kitten playing with kids

Loves kids.

I played with him so long I almost forgot to shop. The person with him, who had been his foster mom, said he was absolutely fearless and VERY affectionate but not passing the “Ginger Test”, swatting her dog Ginger on the nose repeatedly.

kitten not sure of dog

Not sure about dogs.

Two children came up and he ran over to greet them, then Twyla came in and he decided to defend his territory, even though Twyla was actually frightened of him.

cats for adoption

Cats for adoption.

Five other kitties were waiting for homes as well: the long-haired tabby with white boots on the floor, the gray kitty on top of the tree (who is actually long-haired as well), the tortie inside the bottom of the cat tree, and a little long-haired white with gray tabby kitten playing on a box on the shopping cart. The other kitty, a little orange girl, was hiding behind the cages, peeking out now and then.

petco kitten

Frasier is happy almost anywhere.

Oh, well, I have never had the pleasure of simply adopting a cat, and I’m not about to expand my household, but if I were to decide to Frazer would be the cat.

Left Behind in an Apartment?! and Ferals…

tabby kitten

Tabby Kitten

Who could do that to a kitty as pretty as this? She looks to be about four months old, a sweet long-haired tabby who’s very skittish, a little confused, but very affectionate underneath it all.

tabby kitten with don

She's wary but affectionate.

She’d just been there about an hour when I arrived, and I’m sure it will take her a few days to calm down after that experience. It had only been a day or two, but that’s long enough to make a kitty wonder a little bit about humans. She’s ready to be spayed, and no one knows her health history but if someone would abandon her it may also be that they wouldn’t have bothered with veterinary care, so likely she’ll need all her shots.

If you are interested, please let me know!

kittens front

Four kittens, two from each litter.

And then there’s the stray mama with five babies! Apparently someone had been trying to trap this mama from the time she showed up, but not until someone gave the advice to just put the trap out with food in it but tie it open so she’d get used to it did the wary momcat finally lose her distrust of the trap. It was apparently easy after that to capture her kittens since some were in the cage with mom and the rest were right around.

As a bonus, there are also two orange kittens from another litter, also born to a stray mother, not yet caught.

black kittens

The third black kitten is behind the litterbox.

I stopped at my local Agway farm store yesterday afternoon to pick up my cat food. I shop there frequently for cat food and litter, bird seed, suet and other outdoor things, gardening implements, plants and so on. They also carry my greeting cards and note cards and even some gift items around the holidays, and are my best seller—many of their customers are cat owners, and almost everyone who visits there owns a pet of some sort.

A few years ago after they lost their older kitty Pussy Willow one of their customers brought a handful of kittens from their barn. This was fine until she brought more later, then others who saw kittens for adoption began bringing kittens too. Like many good-hearted establishments they had a “kitten” problem for a year or two until they convinced everyone they weren’t taking kittens to be adopted, but they’ll still take in a cat or litter of kittens in an emergency, especially feral kittens, taming them and getting them veterinary care at their own expense and finding a good home among customers.

orange kitten

I'm a little shy.

They haven’t had any kittens at all this spring until now, and I was glad to see that. They pay for the kitties’ care out of their own pockets. Farm supply stores don’t make a very good living in this area any more since most farms are gone, and it’s impossible to compete with the megastores that can offer more goods. Several years ago when they were in the midst of the overflow of kittens I had told them about the spay/neuter clinic as well as all the other options for low-cost spay/neuter in the city which has made things a little more affordable for them.

mama kitty

Mama kitty.

But here we are with that nice tuxedo mama and her five babies: three black kittens, a black and white and a gray and white. The two orange kittens, as mentioned, are from a second litter. The kittens are seven or eight weeks old, taming down from living outdoors. Mom needs to be spayed, all need veterinary care, all are up for adoption, or if you can’t adopt, a donation for their care would be very welcome.

kittens back

Four kittens from the back of the cage.

The person who brought these cats in was another customer who’d been trying to catch the mother, then the mother and kittens, since April. Another mother kitty with more kittens is still out there, but they are even more wary than this group. They’d been living in a wooded area on the edge of a neighborhood, either escaped from someone or tossed out. The orange kittens are quite friendly, so they may have been born in a home and dumped somewhere when they started running around, as is common. The other litter was likely born outside since the kittens and their mom are closely bonded and the kittens have needed some taming.

black kitten don

Don handles the kitten.

Don, who you see in some of these photos, is the owner of the place and store manager, and is very successful in taming wild little kittens, spending as much time as possible handling them in between work around the store. Sloane, the other woman who works there, dotes on them, and is the one who tosses all the toys in the cages. All the beds and food and toys and litter for the kittens come from store stock, which Don and Sloane pay for out of their pockets along with spay/neuter and veterinary care. This can get expensive after a while! They are a small operation and pay a higher wholesale cost for materials than larger stores.

tabby cage

Tabby rests in her cage.

If you’re local, please shop there—it’s a neat store anyway, especially if you like to just hang out once in a while and spend an hour talking about the weather and the birds in your yard and how your tomatoes are doing this year. If you still like to help, just “buy” a bed or a bag of food.

If you might be interested in these kitties, please contact me!

Unless another opportunity opens up at a shelter, they’ll stay at the Agway until they are adopted.

Meet Three Little Kittens for Adopt-a-Cat Month

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month and I’ll be featuring several cats and kittens who need homes.

orange kitten

Hi! My Name is Dumplin’ and I’m a little girl.

Today, meet Dumplin, Snowball and Max! Who could resist?! Help a generous family who rescued three kittens, nurtured and cared for them at their own expense though they already have six cats.

white kitten

My name is Snowball and I’m also a little girl.

The kittens say, “We are seven weeks old. One male and two females. We have been coddled since the day we were found under a bush on a hillside. The Doc has checked us over and declared us healthy. We love to be fussed over and would like to stay together if at all possible. The nice people who found us already have six indoor cats and are hoping that we can find a home as loving as the one that we are visiting now.”

tabby kitten

And my name is Maxwell or Max and I’m the little brother.

I can tell by what “the kittens” had to say that these three have been well-loved and are very well-socialized, and no doubt their rescuers will be very careful about who will adopt these kittens.

I was just saying I haven’t lived with an orange kitty in a while and here’s a little Dumplin’, and I still miss my white kitty, and there’s a little tabby who’s going to be very clearly striped when he grows into his fur.

So even though there are so many cats and kittens in shelters during this time of the year, sometimes it’s nice to reward an individual who went out of their way and helped to take the burden off of the shelter system both physically and financially.

Anyone interested can either email them at or call Mimi or John Foertsch at  412-854-5632.

I can relate to this—I’ve found and rescued plenty of kittens and adult cats, caring for them at home to keep the burden from the shelters and covering the expenses myself. What did we do before the internet helped us find homes for the cats we’d rescued?!