Wondering At This

cat figurine

Kitty figurine added to the Dedication Tree.

I’ve passed a little memorial tree in a county park near me for years; it had always been decorated just for Christmas like a little Charlie Brown tree, but after 9-11 it was regularly decorated for military and patriotic holidays. Recently, this cat figure was added, and I’d love to know why. Has a veteran lost their cat? Have we lost a veteran and their cat? Has it become an all-purpose memorial site?

dedication tree

Dedication Tree

dedication tree from the side

Dedication Tree from the side.

I’ve never met anyone who knew the identity of the person who has decorated this tree for so many years, and aside from adding a camera to the site, or a chance meeting with someone which will sometimes happen when we need to know something, I don’t think I’ll ever find out who has instituted and maintains this.