From the Lost Sketchbook, Namir on the Windowsill

pencil sketch of cat on windowsill

Namir Pencil Sketch, pencil © B.E. Kazmarski

It’s obvious in this sketch that Namir had quite the Oriental breed influencing his good looks. The only problem was that he was gray tabby and white, n ot marked at all like an Oriental breed. I used to say that he was an Abyssinian cat who had been painted at birth.

I loved those huge ears, that prominent nose and whisker pads—especially since his muzzle was white and quite stood out—and those tourmaline eyes. His tail was very expressive, long and slender with a little bend about an inch from the end that only showed when he was feeling especially intense.

He fought hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure for his last four years, but with his social nature, congeniality and general busy agenda no one would have known he was even ill. Instead of “he fought” I should say “he ignored” his illness, because he did. I lost Namir on July 1, 2009, and I’ve written a remembrance of him which is not sad, just remembering all his ways and days with lost of photos and artwork, and his last day. He is also the subject of several other works, including the art in the header of this page. You can find him on my website under “My Cats” in the first page of color artwork, and under “pencil” as well as in my Marketplace in individual and sets of notecards.

I Follow My Cats Around With a Sketchpad…

Peaches' Nap Spot, pencil and watercolor

Peaches' Nap Spot, pencil and watercolor

Peaches does it again.

Peaches has entered into several new careers since she came to me four years ago—at about age 15. Mostly, she’s a model for me to sketch, paint and photograph (see the post below entitled “Senior Pet Adoption Program”), and soon she’ll be the subject of a few cartoons. This is a new piece that’s a combination of pencil and watercolor done en plein air, if you can call it that when you’re in the house. Visit “My Cats” and scroll to the bottom to find this new piece and see an enlarged view of it. I’ll be framing the original soon, and making prints as well as notecards.

In one of Peaches’ other careers, she learned to use my digital camera…read about it here.