Studio Cats

black cat on drawing table

Giuseppe is ready to start painting.

Giuseppe says he’s ready to start painting.

Just about everyone comes with me when I go upstairs to paint or downstairs to do laundry. The laundry is fine, but, much as I love them all, I really don’t want them walking around on my stuff in my studio, whether I’m on my table or at my easel. This is a challenge, especially for the big four who have to investigate everything I touch, and for Cookie and Kelly, who have always enjoyed being near me while I worked.

black cat bathing

Mr. Sunshine takes me seriously.

The secret is to get everything ready and sit down with another project, either reading or crochet, and let them all mill about and do their thing.  After ten or fifteen minutes they’ve learned as much as they want and gone off to settle down for a nap after working extremely hard. In today’s case, everyone was upstairs, at least four of them sleeping on a bed on the floor in my studio and at one point all of them were in there. It’s an 8 x 10 room; things were a little crowded.

In the end, I said we needed to clean up, and Mr. Sunshine interpreted that as any self-respecting kitty would do.