Simon Says…

cat with three legs

Simon Says...

What are you looking at?

Simon is another incredible rescue I’ve met recently.

Animals are amazingly adaptive when it comes to changes in their bodies. Simon was a stray being fed outside by a couple in a rural area next to a farm as they tried to determine if he belonged to someone. Unfortunately he came back one day dragging a trap on his leg.

He spent a month in the veterinary hospital while the veterinarian valiantly tried to save the leg, but it just kept breaking again and again. Simon was in extreme pain, so they decided to remove the leg.

cat with three legs

Simon waves his tail.

He came home the day after the amputation surgery and walked around as if nothing had happened except that he now had a slightly altered gait. He also had no problem being an indoor cat after that experience.

No one knows where Simon came from, and it’s sad to think what would have happened to him had he not felt comfortable with the couple who was giving him food and shelter outdoors. But he’s got a loving home now and a long life ahead of him.


orange cat on wood floor


How’s this for a color-themed kitty? Riley is another rescue kitty I’ve met in the past few weeks. After an early life outdoors he now lives in a lovely remodeled home with three other rescued kitties, a few outdoor kitties who come to eat and take shelter, and two big-hearted humans.

More about Riley and his feline siblings—and his humans—a little later! In the meantime, enjoy his orangeness!


Orange kitten with new family

Orange kitten with new family

Well, the little guy went home with the first person who had mentioned adopting him, and I know they’ll give him a wonderful home.

Many years ago, when the teenager on the left was just a toddler, I did first a portrait of the family’s Dalmatian, Emmy, then later a family portrait with all the animals, including the little white rat.

When someone asks you about adopting a foster kitty even before you offer him, it’s a serious thing. It’s been less than a week since I found him, but I’ve not had one call or comment from anyone, including the neighbors. If someone calls, the new person and I can decide what do do. In the meantime, she promises she’ll post progress photos.

I wish all adoptions were this easy! There have been many times I’ve had foster kittens and cats and no matter how persuasive I tried to be it all came to naught.

I will miss the little carrot top. He was so pretty and kittens are so fun! But the Big Four can have their drinks at the sink again, and the girls can have their room service and rest in the afternoon. And I can have my shower without a playful kitten joining me. I’m sure we’ve all had a taste of tiny kitten claws in bare wet skin!

I am always asked if it’s hard to give them up or if I miss them when they’re gone, and I tell people that when they are leaving for a good home it’s like giving two gifts: one to the people who already love him and who will continue to love and care for him and share their lives with him for as long as he lives, and one to the cat or kitten who now has a loving home for the rest of his life.

Think of the relationships you’ve had with your pets, how they began and how they grew and how they enriched your life and will stay with you always. I think of this every time I hand over a rescued kitty to a new family, that this eternal bond is just beginning and will grow into something rich and deep—and I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of it, to help build love and trust in the world. I’ve loved every cat who’s come through here, but it would be selfish to try to keep them all—I’d rather share the love.

Here, I can tell he’s happy with his new girlfriend, and it was love at first sight for her. It’s too bad this photo is a little blurry, but I can still tell he’s saying, “Thanks!”

If there was ever a doubt in my mind that finding a good home for a kitten was the right thing to do, a photo like this eliminates those doubts.

orange kitten with teenage girl


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