Cookie in the Snow

cookie looks at the snow

Cookie greets a snowy morning.

Cookie has seen enough seasons come and go that she knows exactly what that white stuff is and what it means. Wet paws. Cold. Usually when we go out the door in the morning she heads right down the steps after a cursory inspection of the deck. But this morning if I hadn’t gone out to fill the feeder she would have been happy to stay put!

But she followed me through what had become slush in the short time since we’d gotten up and picked her way through the leaves and twigs under the tree behind me.

cat walking through snowy grass

Cookie carefully makes her way through the slush.

She collected a few snowflakes, though these were melting already as we went in the door. After this she decided to warm herself on my lap using Mimi and Kelly as pillows.

snowflakes on cat

Cookie with a few flakes.


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Memories of Snow

tortie cat on branch

Cookie balances on her maiden voyage on the branch.

This might have been nice to remember last week when we were melting on our feet, but we certainly weren’t out in the yard last week!

This huge branch fell in the snowstorm in March 2010, the heavy end end on the ground near our picnic table and the other kind of balanced on the fence and some brushy shrubs I have near the fence. When the snow melted just enough for Cookie to join me as I filled bird feeders, she came outside with me. I was eyeing up the branch, trying to decide what I’d do with it, but Cookie had no doubts. As soon as she discovered it she decided it was meant to be her personal backyard playground set, stepped up on it and followed all the branches out as far as she could, then sat down in the middle. She also discovered it made a great step stool onto the picnic table bench, saving her just that much effort of getting from the ground to the bench, then up to the table.

She does this every time we go outside, no matter the season, and today was no different. After I cut the grass I let Cookie out to supervise my work for a while. I remember the day we went out to explore our “new” backyard after the heavy snow and ice and extended cold. Cookie thinks I make too big a deal about her age, but I’m just as thrilled to see her out there climbing her branch this year when she’s 19 as I was last year when she was 18. She’s one tough Cookie!

tortie cat on branch

Cookie surveys her realm.