Daily Sketch: Round Kitty

pencil sketch of round cat

Round Kitty, pencil © B.E. Kazmarski

Jelly Bean again today, and quite different from yesterday. I saw a stylized cat from old Oriental paintings in the way he was crouched on the stool in front of my easel, all his roundnesses exaggerated just a bit and reinforced by the round seat of the stool so I quickly sketched my idea before it faded. From this, I might develop a more finished stylized cat; he might be a neat outline, or a solid black or any solid color with white outlines as a block print or a screen print. I could see a rubber stamp, and a row of these round kitties across a purse or the hem of a skirt. We’ll have to see what 2012 brings.

I have photographed him here so many times; here he looks as if he is resting but he is actually waiting until I let my guard down and he can step onto my drafting table where I am working on a watercolor. This is a recipe for disaster as he would first walk through the large rectangular palette where all my little gobs of watercolor around the edges are wet for use and my special colors are mixed in the center area, past my jars of water to rinse my brushes and the jar holding the brushes, to my very painting on its back on the surface of the table, all of it angled at about 30 degrees.

No, no, no, just as in the kitchen, we have observation posts for kitties so that we don’t have any accidents. But still Bean waits quietly because I will become less and less vigilant over time and he will be able to purr and saunter across my painting.


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