Three Tabby Brothers Need a Home

tabby cat on windowsill

Meet Levi!

Meet Leo, Levi, and Luke!

tabby cat on floor

Meet Leo!

5 year old male neutered cats, indoor only, microchipped and current on shots.

tabby cat on floor

Meet Luke!

They were adopted together as kittens, and have always been together. They are so similar, it’s hard to tell them apart! Their household is changing and all three need homes. It would be so wonderful to keep them all together.

Here is what their current persons says about them:

They are somewhat shy but once they warm up to you are completely lap cats. Good with kids (although a bit shy with them) and with other cats. Give them a windowsill and some sunshine and they are happy boys. Very affectionate. Love to snuggle.


Does anyone have room for a matched set of three tabby boys? Please contact their owner:

Milan and Felix

two cats outdoors

Milan and Felix enjoy the afternoon.

Meet Milan and Felix, two very lovely kitties I’ve recently had the pleasure to meet, though in a way I’ve known them for years. I spent a while with them and their mom and their doggie sister the other day while working on a special project. Both were rescues, one literally from the streets of the neighborhood. You just never know where you’ll find a good cat!

You’ll be hearing more about them soon.