Reminder: Click on Over to the New Creative Cat!

Jelly Bean and Giuseppe have been keeping some pretty late nights with me!

“Mom’s been really b-o-o-r-r-r-r-i-i-n-n-g-g lately.”

“But we’re really catching up on our sleep.”

“That’s not so bad.”


So while they’ve been piled up and sleeping all over my desk, while the lilacs have come and gone and the first nestlings are fledging, I’ve finally finished a project I’ve been working on for several months: moving The Creative Cat to a self-hosted site!

Where the heck have I been? Moving! But only electronically—I’ve set up The Creative Cat on a self-hosted site so read all about the new layout.

Most importantly for those of you who subscribe via e-mail, subscribers did not transfer when I moved everything to the new site. Please visit the new site and make sure you sign up for a new e-mail subscription for the new address.

I moved all content there, so all the posts and comments from the very beginning in January 2009 are there and we can continue our conversation as if nothing happened. I won’t be posting here any more, but I will leave this in place for the foreseeable future for both you and I to reference, and because, for now, all those images are still stored in this library for use on the new blog until I transfer them over, one by one… See you there!

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