Mewsette Has Been Pestering Me…

No More Pictures!

No More Pictures!

“Stop taking pictures of me and type my messages!” she insists. I admit, I’ve been distracted by their antics in the new bathroom and otherwise, plus there’s plain old everyday life…

Yes, yes, Mewsette, and I have plenty of other messages to send out, too! Actually, I have been taking photos of them to post and to use for my own selfish artistic purposes—see my post about “new photo galleries”, just below this one, that features two new collections.

Because she has no thumbs, she says, she cannot type her own messages and is at the mercy of my whims to disseminate her information to other felines about her tips about using the tub. In the next few days, Mewsette and I will post #2 in her best uses for the tub.

Also, I’ve been tweaking my website for easier browsing, kind of like tinkering with an old car to keep it running smoothly…soon enough it will be completely indexed and databased, but really, I’d rather blog. I’ll be posting frequently enough in the next few days to catch up with a variety of things I’d like to make sure you are aware of—Top Ten Cat Cities, the plight of pets in this economy, a crochet project, various news articles, and I’d like to introduce you to a group of friends who’ve written about cats for years and the books they’ve written.

Until then, enjoy the photos!

One Comment on “Mewsette Has Been Pestering Me…”

  1. Joanne says:

    Mewsette primps in the bathroom as a cat with the name Mewsette should.
    Love these photos, Bernadette

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