A Block Print Dedicated to Two Very Special Cats

image of block print

Awakening, block print

Quote reads: “‘Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.’–Anatole France. Dedicated to my prince and princess and all those since who’ve awakened their part of my soul.”

One last block print from the existing collection…”Awakening” was inspired by my close companions Kublai and Sally who ran the household together for about 12 years and who actually slept curled like this.

Read my post on Portraits of Animals Marketplace for more details.

Also, I finally have all my current block prints posted on Etsy. Visit these galleries for more information:

Linoleum Block Prints


and a few entries in Household.

Now on to some new designs!

3 Comments on “A Block Print Dedicated to Two Very Special Cats”

  1. […] still on my mind. Two years previous, we had lost Kublai, my first black cat, the household leader and prince to Sally’s princess and my best friend, and Allegro, our gentle, silly orange boy, two weeks apart. They were my first […]

  2. animalartist says:

    They changed my life!

  3. Ihavecat says:

    how wonderful Bernadatte! love it! what sweet cats they must have been!

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