Two Kellies for the Price of One

tortie cat bathing in front of mirror

Two Kellies for the Price of One

Kelly bathes in front of the mirror, unaware that another tortie girl is bathing behind her, sort of.

Kelly makes the sweetest disgusting noises when she’s bathing. She’s talkative but a little timid, and it’s always a surprise to hear the snorts and slurps coming from her as she keeps her fur impeccably clean knowing this neat and precise personality. She can overdo it though; being timid, when she can’t decide if she should run and hide she just has a bath, which I call, “When in doubt, wash” or “Fight or flight or wash my face”.

She does love to be petted and gives big, deep nose rubs, but as soon as it’s over she has to begin to bathe her entire body all over again. I try not to be insulted that she feels I’ve polluted her body with my human cooties.

Also being particular about her appearance and surroundings, I’ve always thought that Kelly, a very speckled tortoiseshell, was horrified at all those irregular spots all over her body and was always trying to get them into some kind of order.

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