Pretty Little Mimi

photo of black cat by door

Little Mimi in the Sun

Little Mimi is just incredibly pretty. In part it’s her petite build, and in a photo it’s hard to get perspective on how tiny she is; unless you have some idea the size of my door, this photo really doesn’t do it.

In other part it’s her quiet nature, her subdued personality. She has tiny, tiny paws and pads soundlessly around the house, fits herself into small spaces and generally doesn’t ask for much, which is why it’s so funny when she suddenly scrabbles for a grip on the floor and races around the house with a tail like a paper clip, or follows me insistently, head-bumping me, rubbing and angling a look up at me as she presses her head against my hip, completely endearing.

Here she sits in the warm sun on a frosty morning, perhaps thinking that in years past she would have been out in that frost instead of basking in the sun by the door.

I’m sure we all have these moments when we look at one of our animal companions and suddenly realize how much we simply love them. I took in Mimi for a logical purpose, to get her off the streets, to help learn more about FIP, to help me with my grief at losing Lucy, and I got Little Mimi in the bargain.

2 Comments on “Pretty Little Mimi”

  1. Marg says:

    That is so true, how we will look at one of our animals and realize how much we love them. And we love them all for different reasons because they are all so different in their own ways. Little Mimi, you sure are cute. We love black cats here.

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