Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Breakdance

Black cat rolling on floor

Mewsette just can't contain her joy.

Even though it was a chill morning, I still opened the basement door briefly once the sun rose so we could listen to the birds chattering outside, watch the chipmunks scurry past the door and enjoy our sun and fresh air first thing. Mewsette wiggles and rolls and flings her paws around in the feline breakdance.

I usually spend some time on my exercise bicycle, and it’s all a big imaginary outdoor experience for all of us. I can’t be trusted to ride my real bicycle or even take a walk because I’ll take my camera and not return until noon.

Sorry for the sad pun on the song, but I’ve thought this for years as generations of cats writhed around in the sun on the basement floor. I know the sun makes them feel good but they don’t do quite the performance anywhere else in the house. Perhaps the concrete gives a good back rub!

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