My Neighbor’s Orange Cat

orange cat in window

My Neighbor's Orange Cat

My neighbor’s orange cat suns herself now and then in this side window of her home, but I get the idea she’s behind that blind a little more often than she is on the windowsill, judging by her modifications to the blind.

She is an orange girl (or ginger as some nations refer to this color, I kind of like that), though statistically most orange or orange and white cats are male; that’s actually because a percentage of those orange girls turn out to be calico or tortie girls. She even nicely matches the bricks! I have one photo of her that includes the entire window, which has a nice stained glass insert at the top, and orange bricks all around…yes, it sounds like another painting…

Nice to see a good collar and nice clear tag on an indoor cat; I have blurred her tag so that her address and owner’s name can’t be seen, but I will tell you that her name is Amber Buttercup. What an absolutely lovely name—no one gives their cat a name like that without a lot of love behind it.

In any case, she wasn’t too happy with my invasion of her privacy and the ruination of her sunbath by my pointing a camera at her.  I love her expressions and the very deliberate way she lets me know exactly what she’s thinking. She gave me one last chance to disappear. I didn’t. Enjoy the slideshow below.

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