Ready for Work?

two torties in studio

Tortie Girls reporting for work.

My studio supervisors arrive at work before me! I’m working on starting the day in my studio when my eyes are rested and I have daylight to work with instead of ending it there and working too late into the night.

My tortie girls agree! They’ve been staying up all night with me for more years than they want to remember—after all, they have to supervise me or how could I get any artwork done? The most important role they serve is sleeping on my lap or next to my feet so that I need to stay put and therefore get work done. One would never get up or move while a cat is sleeping.

The younger ones have something to learn from keeping me under control, perhaps someday one of them will show some potential.

Cookie has had a lifelong role in what I do, and this will clarify what she does: I Will Never Get to Retire.

Giuseppe Mewses About Mlle Marguerite

black cat



It’s hard to be so far away, especially when I’ve just learned that Miss Daisy Marguerite is moving. And she’s not moving closer, she’s moving farther away, to a place called Kingston. Not that it matters when I have no idea where she really is in the first place, even though my mom has shown me a map with Colborne. I can’t get there.

No, my big worry is that Miss Daisy is moving to a college town with a lot of artists and creative people…and probably other really exciting cats. And I won’t be there.

It was kind of okay knowing Miss Daisy was in sleepy little rural Colborne where there weren’t too many visitors. What if Mlle. meets a sophisticated city kitty, or a grad student kitty…or a professor kitty who’s more her age?

Dearest Giuseppe,

My head will not be turned by any city Tom who may come round to see the country girl who has just moved to Kingston. Oh no!

(And, really, I  am not a country girl… I have spent most of my life in cities.  Never been to this place Mom calls Kingston.  Hope I like it. I know the ways of those roaming city Toms… not for me my dear Giuseppe.) 

black cat on bed

Mlle Daisy Marguerite

And as for a grad cat… ah….Both my mom and myself are not very keen on the academic life.  No, we like the artistic life and we love artists and art cats…

I think my Mommy has a crush on her cousin, removed…what does that mean Giuseppe?  Mommy tells me that he is an artist too….don’t think he paints like Marcel did, but he does write pretty songs and he has cats too! 

But I digress.. I only have big green eyes for you Giuseppe Kazmarski.  My heart is true.

nuzzles and purrs from your Canadian Queen. Time for a nap.  xx

Ah, mon cherie, now my heart may rest easily! My mom sent a message for me:

Giuseppe is dreaming sweet dreams of his lady—remember, this is his first love!

And Daisy’s mom writes:

Daisy sends special nuzzles and licks to her one true love Giuseppe. I’ll have time after tomorrow to send Daisy’s letter to the young fellow. Sweet dreams, Denise and Daisy

Oh, why must I be so far away? And why does this thing called “mail” take so long?

two black cats

Giuseppe consults with his mom.

“Mimi Mom, have you ever been in love?”

“Well, Giuseppe, long, long ago, before all the kittens, when I was still in the other house, I did love deeply a wonderful black cat with white paws and white whiskers who lived with us for a while, but one day he left and never came back. That may have contributed to the life I found myself leading…I may have been happy if we had been able to spend our lives together, but somehow I don’t think that would ever have been possible. But now, I have you and your brothers and sister, and I am here, and I am very happy.”

“Mimi Mom, what do you think of Miss Daisy?”

“I don’t think you could find a better girl cat anywhere. I can only approve of the way she lives and her human. It doesn’t matter that she’s older. I think she’s a lovely kitty, and I’m happy for my Giuseppe.”

Mlle Daisy has a special card all set to mail to Giuseppe…she wants to address it to G. Kazmarski…she asks “why not?”

Oh, please, let the mail come quickly! I can’t wait for the next letter!

I take solace in my siblings, my best friends in the whole world.

two black cats

Giuseppe and Jelly Bean discuss.

“Jelly Bean, have you ever felt anything like this?”

“I don’t think so, Giuseppe, I’m just a simple, happy guy. I’m not so sure I’d care for this ‘love’ thing if it means you’re mooning around all the time.”

“What do you mean, ‘mooning’?”

two black cats

Jelly Bean a little frustrated.

“Well, like gazing out the window with that stupid look on your face…”


“…and sighing all the time and not wanting to wrestle with me. I can’t get you to do anything anymore!”

“I’ll show you!”…but it did feel good to have a good wrestling with JB again.

black cat silhouette

Giuseppe thinking.

One day I sent a message through my human mom:

I just want Miss Daisy to know that Giuseppe is purring on my lap, and I know he’s thinking of his precious one.

And Daisy’s mom responded:

Oh, do hope he hasn’t given up hope for his romance with the lovely French Canadian girl whose mom has been so busy planning the moves and packing for it that she has not sent news of Marguerite’s pining and yearning for her handsome young American.

Then my mom and I read a message on someone else’s blog about faux bearskin rugs made in Miss Daisy’s country—Canada! They had pictures of kitties on the rug, and a human that even I could figure out was pretty exciting for ladies to look at! I could picture myself posing on one of those rugs, and even sharing one with Miss Daisy. We sent Miss Daisy’s mom a message:

Thought you and Miss Daisy might enjoy this. Oh, and the cat products too, not just the gratuitous photo of Burt Reynolds.

Miss Daisy immediately responded back!

I am going to ask mommy for a Faux bear rug… I can lie on it and dream of Giuseppe on winter nights in Kingston.  Daisy, purrrrrrrrrrrs and nuzzles.

“Mom, can I have one of those rugs too so I can pose like that man and send a photo to Mlle Daisy Marguerite?”

“Giuseppe, you know you will never get it to yourself.”

“But, mom, I have to have one! Miss Daisy expects it!”

“We’ll see, Giuseppe. I’ll keep track of it, and maybe when it gets really cold we’ll get one.”

Don’t tell Giuseppe but Marguerite enclosed a photo in her card to the young fellow…likely will arrive at beginning of the week. D.

But I saw the message anyway and I just can’t wait!

two black cats

A bath is always the best thing to do.

“Oh, I just don’t know how I feel, Mewsette!”

“That’s okay, Giuseppe, it’s nothing that a good bath won’t fix.”

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