Moses’ Nose

gray kitty nose

Moses' Nose.

I’ve mentioned Moses, my sweet formerly feral silver tabby, a few times in stories lately, and in researching photos for a project I flipped past this photo of her—of her nose, in a position I always loved as her chin was tucked into her chest, such a very common posture for her. I know she was purring her soft little breathy purr and the tip of her tail was tapping the wood of the deck with happy regularity. She was getting her daily thermonuclear treatment and nothing, nothing at all, was going to make her move until the sun was gone.


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Dona Nobis Pacem

blog for peace

Dona Nobis Pacem: grant us peace for all living things; awaken your soul.

Today is the day to blog for peace, and here is my design.

It uses the globe image provided by Blog4Peace, and I’ve added several elements of my own. The background is a starry background I created for a website and have also used in a few print designs. The moon, in the upper right corner, is one of my photos of a full moon. The art of the two cats in front is my block print “Awakening“, featuring two of my best beloved cats.

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Georgie and Rosey Looking for a Home

tortie kitten

Rosey is actually a very dark tortoiseshell.

Who could dump two kittens obviously so sweet?

orange kitten

Georgie is a love.

Rosey and Georgie are brother and sister, about 14 weeks old. Both are current on shots, and are FIV and FeLV negative.

tortie kitten

Rosey shows off the white spot under her chin.

They have been wormed, and treated for fleas and are ready to be spayed and neutered.

orange kitten with young girl

Georgie loves his kisses.

They are both litter trained, and very friendly and playful. Rosey is a little reserved at first, until she gets to know you.

black tortie kitten

Rosey warms up to people very nicely.

They love to snuggle, and purr as soon as you touch them.

orange kitten with girl

I can tell Georgie is like a stuffed toy!

They were rescued by Marcy, who regularly rescues and fosters homeless cats and dogs. She paid for their veterinary care out of her own pock, so she is asking a re-homing fee of $60 so that she can keep rescuing. Click this link to find a list of low-cost spay and neuter clinics, which you can download and print out, in the Pittsburgh area, as well as links to search for a clinic close to you anywhere in the country.

If you would like to adopt either one or both of these kittens, please contact Marcy at 412-334-7187 or send her an e-mail.

Senior Pets Make Great Friends!

tri-color cat

Despite her expression, Lacey was very grateful to have adopted Karen.

by Karen  Sable, Guest Columnist

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for senior pets. When I visit a shelter or browse the listings on Petfinder, I certainly love the young puppies and kittens, but I am usually drawn to the senior pets. To me their eyes seem to reflect a wisdom, and what I call a “soulfulness”. Plus, I know that they are less likely to be adopted, and I have always been inclined to favor the “underdog”. Over the past twenty or so years, I have become the “mother” to ten cats. While some younger ones chose me by showing up in my yard and deciding they would move in, of those that I made a conscious decision to go and adopt, all were seniors.

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