Tense Moments

two black cats looking at each other

Thinking angry thoughts.

The air was fairly crackling as the boys did not stare at each other, instead thinking nasty thoughts about each other while the considered their next move.

I hate you.

You’re ugly.

Die, scum.

Your mama…oops.

(They have the same mama, and she’s off limits).

The next move turned out to be “aggressive bathing”.

two black cats tangling

"You're so dirty I can't stand it!"


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Loving Care for Your Senior Cat, Part 1

photo of cat on table with flowers

I treated Stanley for kidney failure for four years; he lived into his twenties.

How old would you guess Stanley is in the photo above? If you know senior cats you may guess, but have a unique way of hiding aging from even the most attentive owners. Once cats reach three to four years of age they can go well into their teens before they show signs of physical weakness, arthritis, failing eyesight and hearing and other common ailments of an aging body of any species.

And even then they can often get along just fine with a good diet, lots of love, and a little something extra from their people. Just like senior humans have special needs befitting the physical age of their bodies, our cats will benefit from an appropriate diet and exercise, regular health checks and even some palliative care you may not give to a younger cat.

This was taken during Stanley’s last summer in 2006 when he was, by my best guess 24 years old, having appeared on my porch as an adult in 1986 with a body development that indicated a cat three to five years old.

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