Rescued Blue Needs a Home

cat for adoption

Blue needs a home.

April brought Blue in from the cold, but though he’s a wonderful, friendly, well-behaved kitty, her cats don’t care for him and she needs to find another home for him.

gray cat needs a home

Blue is a sweet kitty.

“This poor stray needs a home asap. All 3 of my own cats are attacking him, intimidating him and making his life more miserable than he was as a stray outside. He loves being part of a loving family and the comforts of a warm home. But for his own safety and lack of any other foster home, he will be moved to my unfinished 2nd floor … unfortunately, there is no heat up there.

I’m losing hope that he will ever find that special forever home. As animal lovers, I need advice on how to proceed. He will have a very poor quality of life in my cold attic alone. I have a toddler with special needs. What else can I do with this stray? I’m running out of time. Any advice on my options would be greatly appreciated.

He has a wonderful personality. He is laid back, gentle, extremely affectionate, tolerates kids very well, cuddly with everyone. He uses his litterbox. He’s an awesome cat. “

April has already taken him to the vet for an exam and shots, and Blue was neutered before she took him in. He’s ready for a good home. If you can adopt Blue, please contact April Williams, 412-841-6999 (cell), April and Blue are near Pittsburgh, PA.

9 Comments on “Rescued Blue Needs a Home”

  1. animalartist says:

    Rescued Blue has found a home! April had a had time letting him go, but so far he’s doing well with his adoptive family. Thanks to everyone for your concern, all that energy had to help find his new family.

  2. Carolyn says:

    He really deserves a loving home. I hope he finds one soon!

  3. Cath says:

    I’m in Canada, but if I were closer to “home” (grew up in MD) I would have him in a heartbeat. Please let us know how this works out!

  4. Has she checked with local rescues to see if they have space? Some will be up front and say yes or no – or let him be evaluated and then let her taken him back. Can’t hurt to ask – I know locally (central OH) some shelters have some space now….

    • animalartist says:

      I think she has. Our shelters are clearing out a bit–I usually call my “contact” and find out how things are, and I’ve sent two people to the Humane Society with cats who were either adopted at the shelter or who went on to PetSmart.

  5. heidi p. says:

    Oh man. . . Hubby won’t let me have more than three cats or I’d go and get him in a heartbeat. I’ll pass the word, tho.

  6. Dianda says:

    I wish I could take him home. 😦

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